If you have always wanted to paint but thought you needed to be naturally artistic to succeed or painted at school and have forgotten how then this web site is for you.


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Folk Art and Decorative Painting
Water Colour Painting
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How I can help you to paint even if you are still unable to draw a matchstick man Demonstrations of Folk Art/ Decorative Painting for your event




About your tutor: I have been teaching art and crafts for nearly 25 years and specialise in teaching complete beginners. I firmly believe that it is quite in order to ‘cheat’ (trace and copy) until the student is completely relaxed and ready to experiment with their own ideas. I enjoy the challenge of teaching people who have never held an artists paintbrush before or those who have tried and failed. I teach adults and am proud that I have recently taught someone in their eighties, new to painting, now quite happily producing really good confident paintings and she has sold some recently.